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From the loving arms of island nymphs comes the sweetest and richest whipped nectar — a buttery beauty secret among the spirits of nature known to instantly reveal pure radiance, induce youthful buoyancy, and impart perfect hydration to your skin. As sea fruits and tropical superberries playfully melt across your face, they insert a lively abundance of vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin k, omegas, amino acids, and numerous other bio-actives necessary for achieving your best, bounciest, dewiest skin yet. Nymph nectar superfruit radiance balm is formulated to be a deeply moisturizing, wax-free beauty balm for all skin types. This coral cutie doubles as a superior rescue treatment and a luxurious sleeping mask (your vegan, bee-friendly alternative to honey-based masks). And did we mention… she smells like a walk through a tropical garden. Happiness in a jar. *best stored below 75°f.

Nymph Nectar- radiance balm

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