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This lightweight, hydrating facial mist moisturizes the skin and refreshes makeup with an invigorating scent. perfect to start or end your day with, or even as a midday refresher. The rose water formula is a rose water facial toner/facial setting spray is enriched with glycerin to soothe and refresh the skin. Ultra-hydrating facial toner/setting spray refines pores & helps reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Offers deep hydration: replenishes moisture with vegetable glycerin and rose water for a more youthful glow. Fresh & radiant: wipes away impurities, tones & reduces the look of pores for fresh, glowing skin. This illuminating, refreshing and skin conditioning setting spray will help hydrate, restore and soften the skin while giving you a gorgeous glow.

Rosewater Facial Toner

SKU: 4485211127861
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